Downtown SF Terminal Expansion Project

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Voters Approve Regional Measure 3

Preparing for the Regional Ferry System of the Future

On June 5, voters in the nine Bay Area counties approved Regional Measure 3 (RM3), a measure that raises tolls on the seven state-owned bridges to finance $4.45 billion in highway and transit improvements. Tolls will increase by $1 in 2019, $1 in 2022, and $1 in 2025. RM3 funds a package of 35 projects and programs to relieve traffic and enhance public transit in bridge corridors.

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New Fares in effect beginning on July 1

On July 1, 2018, the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) will implement the fourth of five annual fares increases in accordance with the FY2015-2020 Fare Program adopted by the WETA Board of Directors in September 2014. The Fare Program is intended to offset inflationary cost increases and rising operational costs. Base level adult fares will increase approximately 3% annually.

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July 4 Ferry Schedules

On Independence Day, Wednesday, July 4, special holiday schedules will be in effect on the Alameda/Oakland/San Francisco and Vallejo/San Francisco routes.

Download the Alameda/Oakland 4th of July schedule (PDF)
Download the Vallejo 4th of July schedule (PDF)

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Nuevas tarifas vigentes a partir del 1º de julio de 2018

El 1º de julio de 2018, la Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) implementará el cuarto de 5 aumentos anuales de tarifas de conformidad con el Programa de Tarifas de los años fiscales 2015-2020 adoptado por el Consejo de WETA en septiembre de 2014. Se pretende que el Programa de Tarifas compense los aumentos de costos por inflación y el aumento de los costos operativos. Las tarifas básicas para adultos aumentarán en un 3% aproximadamente cada año. Nota: Las nueva tarifa del pase mensual de Vallejo aplica al pase mensual del mes de julio a la venta a finales de junio.

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水運緊急管理局 (WETA)根據其董事會於2014年9月通過的2015-2020財年票價計劃,將在2018年7月1日實施5次年度票價增加的第四次。票價計劃的目的是抵消通貨膨脹成本增加和運營成本上漲。基本成人票價每年將增加約3% 。請注意: 新的Vallejo月票價格適用於六月底出售的7月份月票。可上網站 查閱2015-2020 財年票價計劃。

票價於2018年7月1日生效 (PDF)

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