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BayAlerts Via Text Message or Email

BayAlerts, powered by SimplifyTransit, provide subscription-based rider alerts right to your phone based on the routes, times and days you ride San Francisco Bay Ferry.

Customize your options and subscribe to receive text message or email alerts from us for any service disruptions, schedule changes or other important info that will affect you. And you can always edit or pause your subscription from this page, with no password needed to log in.


Alerts in the SF Bay Ferry App

You can also sign up for BayAlerts via the San Francisco Bay Ferry app. After downloading the app, choose "Notifications" from the menu and toggle the route(s) for which you want to receive alerts. Check your phone's notification settings to ensure the alerts pop up.

Alerts in Google Maps

Rider Alerts can be found by searching their ferry terminal name in Google Maps. Navigate to 'Departures Board' to see real time trip times and any applicable Rider Alerts. 

Alerts in Transit App

Rider Alerts are located under the ferry route you have selected. Learn more about Transit App here. 

Alerts in Moovit 

Rider Alerts can be found by searching your ferry route. Learn more about Moovit here. 

Real-Time Trip Departures at Terminals | IN TESTING 

We are currently working to integrate all digital terminal signs, system-wide with real-time Rider Alerts and trip departure times. This means that soon, regardless of delays or disruptions, accurate trip times will be displayed on all digital signs throughout our ferry network. Also, in the event of major delays or cancellations, the digital sign at your terminal will also display a Rider Alert letting you know why service is impacted - in real time! We are looking forward to launching this feature soon. 

Text Your Terminal 

Check to see when the next ferry trip leaves from your terminal via text! Text your terminal's code to 415-707-5696 and we'll text you back with the next departure regardless of if there are service delays or disruptions. Click on your terminal below to see it's code. 

Alameda Seaplane Lagoon Terminal Next Departure 

Text 7207 to 415-707-5696 

Downtown S.F Terminal Gate E | Departures to Vallejo & Richmond Weekday

Text 72011 to 415-707-5696 

NOTICE: During Saturday & Sunday ONLY, trips to Richmond depart from Gate F. 

Downtown S.F. Terminal Gate F | Departures to the Alameda Seaplane Lagoon, Harbor Bay, and Richmond Weekend

Text 72013 to 415-707-5696 

NOTICE: During Saturday & Sunday ONLY, trips from Richmond depart from this gate. During weekdays, Richmond trips depart from gate E.

Downtown S.F. Terminal Gate G | Departures to Oakland & Alameda 

Text 72012 to 415-707-5696 

Harbor Bay Terminal Next Departure 

Text 7206 to 415-707-5696 

Mare Island Terminal Next Departure  

Text 7213 to 415-707-5696 

Main St. Alameda Terminal Next Departure

Text 7208 to 415-707-5696 

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Vallejo Terminal Next Departure 

Text 7212 to 415-707-5696 

Oakland Terminal Next Departure 

Text 7209 to 415-707-5696 

NOTICE: Be advised that select trips headed to Main St. Alameda continue onto Downtown S.F. Please refer to the Oakland & Alameda schedule to confirm, here.

Richmond Terminal Next Departure 

Text 7211 to 415-707-5696

South San Francisco Terminal Next Departure 

Text 7205 to 415-707-5696 


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If you want to continue to receive email notification of schedule changes, special schedules and other important service information, please sign up for our new email list. Real-time service delays will not be sent to this email list. By signing up for this email list, you will receive an email when: 

  • Schedule changes are proposed.
  • Special schedules will be provided. 
  • Holiday schedules will be in effect. 
  • Special rider information is provided. 
  • Rider survey opportunities are available. 

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