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San Francisco Bay Ferry currently provides static GTFS and RSS feeds to developers for use in transit-oriented trip-planning and navigation applications. Should additional resources become available we will announce them here.

Please contact us at with feedback or questions regarding the data.

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The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) is an open specification which describes transit schedules and service data. Learn more about GTFS. San Francisco Bay Ferry does not currently offer GTFS-realtime data.

San Francisco Bay Ferry GTFS

RSS feeds allow applications to access BayAlerts and San Francisco Bay Ferry News feeds in a computer-readable format. Riders who use news aggregators may also use these RSS feeds as an alternative way to receive BayAlerts. Learn more about BayAlerts.

RSS: Service Alerts by Route
BayAlerts Alameda/Oakland/San Francisco
BayAlerts Harbor Bay/San Francisco
BayAlerts Richmond/San Francisco
BayAlerts South San Francisco/Alameda/Oakland
BayAlerts Vallejo/San Francisco

RSS: General News Regarding San Francisco Bay Ferry
System-wide News and Updates

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