Alameda County Sales Tax Measure B/BB

Since 2000, the Alameda County voter-approved Measure BB (and its predecessor Measure B) has provided essential funding for WETA ferry services that serve Alameda County residents including the Alameda/Oakland, Harbor Bay and South San Francisco routes. In past years, WETA has used Measure B and Measure BB funds for capital projects. For FY 2017/18, a total of $947,000 in Measure B and Measure BB funds is anticipated to be used to support the $5.12 million M.V. Peralta mid-life refurbishment project. Next year, Measure BB funds will be used for the quarter-life refurbishment of the M.V. Scorpio. The M.V. Peralta refurbishment project is a good example of a critical fleet rehabilitation project partially funded by Measure B.

Aluminum ferry vessels have a life expectancy of approximately 25 years with a major refit at the vessel’s quarter-life and mid-life. The M.V. Peralta, which was built in 2001, had its mid-life work divided into two phases in order to minimize the time that the vessel is out of service during the busy summer season. The first phase focused on major machinery overhauls and was completed in 2015. Phase 2, currently underway, includes: renovation of the passenger cabins, bathrooms and galley; exterior paint and coatings; electronics system upgrades; and replacement of both the steering system and a section of the hull. Engineering and design are underway for the interior passenger spaces, wheelhouse dash and main deck bar. Project work is scheduled to be complete by June 2018.

WETA is grateful to Alameda County voters for their continued support of these essential transportation improvements throughout Alameda County and for their commitment to robust, reliable and cost-effective ferry service. To learn more about Measure B and Measure BB and the Alameda County Transportation Commission, visit