Pets on San Francisco Bay Ferry

San Francisco Bay Ferry's Passenger Code of Conduct sets out the policy under which pets can be brought aboard the ferry. This flowchart helps explain the policy in simple terms.

San Francisco Bay Ferry Pet Policy Flowchart

Pets -- including comfort animals and emotional support animals -- can only be brought aboard San Francisco Bay Ferry if they are within an enclosed pet carrier that can fit on your lap and they do not pose a threat to passengers or crew members. Trained service animals or service animals in training may be brought aboard provided they remain under the passenger's control and do not pose a threat to passengers or crew members.

It is a misdemeanor to knowingly and fraudulently misrepresent oneself as the owner or trainer of a service dog, per California Penal Code 365.7(a).

Here are some frequently asked questions about bringing pets aboard San Francisco Bay Ferry.

Why is this policy in place?

To ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers.

Is this a new rule?

No, this is a longstanding policy for the ferry system and is included in the Passenger Code of Conduct, which has been approved by the WETA Board of Directors. We are working to ensure all passengers are familiar with the policies around pets.

What about pet strollers?

If the stroller includes a removable carrier that otherwise meets the rules (fully enclosed, can fit on the passenger's lap), it is allowed.

Can I bring my large pet on a leash if I buy a ticket for her/him?


Can I bring my large pet on a leash if we only sit on the outside deck?


Can I bring my small pet in my purse/backpack?

No, this does not meet the criteria for a fully enclosed pet carrier. This does not apply to actual pet carriers that can be worn on backs, provided those carriers are fully enclosed and can fit on the passenger's lap.

Can I take my pet out of its carrier once we are onboard?


I have feedback. Who can I talk to?

Please send all feedback to Your email will be read by WETA staff and you will get a timely response.

See the full Passenger Code of Conduct. See our Rider Guide.