Passenger Code of Conduct

In September 2018, the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) Board of Directors adopted a systemwide Passenger Code of Conduct. This sets forth the policies under which passengers must follow when riding San Francisco Bay Ferry.

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It is the policy of the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), to ensure the safety, security, comfort and convenience of all those who use its San Francisco Bay Ferry Services. WETA has established the following passenger code of conduct regulations to ensure that any one person may not adversely affect others while using the San Francisco Bay Ferry system. Customers shall treat other patrons and San Francisco Bay Ferry representatives with consideration, patience, respect and civility to allow use, operation and enjoyment of San Francisco Bay Ferry services and facilities in a safe and enjoyable manner for all persons.

All persons on or in any San Francisco Bay Ferry facility or vessel shall comply with the General Rules listed below, obey any instructions on notices or signs duly posted, and shall obey lawful orders and directives of any San Francisco Bay Ferry employee or representative acting within the scope of his or her employment.

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General Rules:

  1. No person shall smoke or carry an open flame or lighted cigar, cigarette or pipe, electronic cigarette device, or use any other tobacco product, on any San Francisco Bay Ferry vessel or within 25 feet of any San Francisco Bay Ferry facility.
  2. No weapons, fireworks, explosives, gasoline, propane or other highly combustible material or radioactive material, dangerous instrument, or any other item intended for use as a weapon, or that poses a hazard or danger to other riders, may be carried in or on any San Francisco Bay Ferry vessel or facility.
  3. Passengers are prohibited from carrying firearms onboard San Francisco Bay Ferry vessels. Firearms may only be carried on the vessels and in the facilities by law enforcement officers and licensed security guards who are providing security services for WETA/San Francisco Bay Ferry. A violation of this section is an infraction under Section 19.8 of the Penal Code and is punishable as set out in Section 99170 of the Public Utilities Code.
  4. Customers may only transport small pets on San Francisco Bay Ferry boats if they are in a completely enclosed cage or carrying case, specifically made for carrying pets, that is small enough to fit on the customer’s lap. The animal must not endanger or pose a threat to the safety of other passengers. “Comfort animals” are considered pets and can only be transported in a completely enclosed cage or carrier. Service animals and service animals in training are permitted to ride on board San Francisco Bay Ferry boats.  All service animals and animals being trained as service animals must be harnessed or leashed.  It is a misdemeanor to knowingly and fraudulently misrepresent oneself as the owner or trainer of a service dog, California Penal Code 365.7(a).
  5. Priority seating is for persons with disabilities and seniors. As part of the Americans with Disabilities Act, San Francisco Bay Ferry is required to make priority seating available for people with disabilities and senior citizens. Passengers are requested to yield priority seating and locations designated for use by persons using wheelchairs to persons with disabilities, persons using wheelchairs and senior citizens.
  6. Passengers must only occupy one seat. Please do not place personal items on seats.
  7. Bicyclists must follow crew member instructions for loading, unloading and stowing. Bicyclists may not ride bikes onboard the ferry or on the ramps and gangways. Bikes must fit within bike storage areas and never block seats, aisles, doorways or exits. The following are not permitted onboard San Francisco Bay Ferry vessels: gas-powered bikes, motorcycles or mo-peds, three-wheeled bikes or Segways (except when used as a mobility device for a passenger with a disability).
  8. All passengers must pay the applicable fare.
  9. Boarding is conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Passengers are prohibited from cutting in line.
  10. No passenger shall engage in disruptive behavior that is harmful or intimidating to other passengers or employees.
  11. No interference with the safe operation of the vessel, including entering or attempting to enter any area not open to the public, blocking aisles or emergency exits, or threatening, harassing or intimidating any San Francisco Bay Ferry passenger.
  12. No panhandling, soliciting or unauthorized advertising or selling of items.
  13. No person shall stop, park, dock, land or secure any vessel, boat, craft or other water-related vehicles at or near any San Francisco Bay Ferry facility in a way that blocks San Francisco Bay Ferry operations, except in compliance with directions of WETA.

Any person who violates one or more of the General Rules may be warned and/or ordered to leave a San Francisco Bay Ferry vessel or facility. Situations where a person refuses to leave after being ordered to do so may be handled by the appropriate law enforcement agency. This policy does not seek to limit or conflict with any federal, state or local law or ordinance, or to prevent any law enforcement agency from taking any lawful action against any person on or in a San Francisco Bay Ferry vessel or facility.