Clipper START Offers Discounted Ferry Fares for Eligible Riders

Clipper START logo

San Francisco Bay Ferry is now officially a part of the regional Clipper START program offering discounted transit fares to eligible lower-income Bay Area residents.

Here are the discounted fares for passengers using active Clipper START cards:

  • Alameda/Oakland route: $3.60
  • Harbor Bay route: $3.70 (route currently suspended)
  • Richmond route: $4.60
  • South San Francisco route: $4.70 (route currently suspended)
  • Vallejo route: $7.50
  • All Short Hop routes: $0.80

How do you get a Clipper START card? You can check your eligibility and fill out the application on the Clipper START website. You'll qualify if your household income is no more than 200% of the federal poverty line. Once you receive your card, you'll simply tap it on the readers when boarding and disembarking from the ferry and your discount will be automatically applied.

You'll also benefit from discounts on other transit operators in the Bay Area, including BART, Muni, Caltrain and more.

Visit the Clipper START website to learn more and apply!