The Penisula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance runs shuttles between the South San Francisco Ferry Terminal and the Utah-Grand and Oyster Point area office buildings during commute hours M-F.  These shuttles are open to the public and free.  Genentech also provides local shuttle services for Oyster Point employees.  Additional information below.

South San Francisco / Oyster Point Shuttle Service
A Free Service to Oyster Point Area Employees


Shuttles meet arriving ferries and transport employees to locations throughout the Oyster Point Business Park, Sierra Point in Brisbane and the South San Francisco Caltrain station. Download a PDF of a detailed schedule for shuttle routes.

For schedule and route information, please visit or call (650) 588-1600.

Alliance Shuttle Route: Oyster Point - UPDATED: NOW SERVES CENTENNIAL TOWERS

Download Schedule (effective 5/4/15)


Oyster Point Shuttle Map


Alliance Shuttle Route: Utah-Grand

Download Schedule (effective 5/4/15)

Alliance shuttle Utah Grand map

Genentech, Gateway and Sierra Point Employee Shuttle

This shuttle will meet arriving ferries and transport employees to/from Genentech, Gateway and Sierra Point locations. Contact Genentech or your Transportation Coordinator for details.