Vallejo Ticket Office Closure: Frequently Asked Questions

Starting July 19, 2022, the Vallejo Ticket Office will introduce changes to the services that are provided for ferry riders in coordination with the launch of the new San Francisco Bay Ferry app. 

Between July 19 and August 14, 2022 in coordination with the introduction of our new integrated ticketing system and San Francisco Bay Ferry mobile ticketing app, the Vallejo Ticket Office will continue to provide limited in-person services as riders are strongly encouraged to use the new ticketing system for all ticket purchases. The ticket office will fully close on August 14. Staff at the ticket office will move to a customer service center to handle phone and digital information needs and be present at the busiest terminals in the San Francisco Bay Ferry system, including Vallejo.

Please note that this permanent closure of the ticket office will not affect ferry schedules for the Vallejo Route or any Giants gameday ferry services. 

Vallejo Ticket Office Closure FAQ

See below for common questions related to the upcoming changes. 

Why are you closing the Vallejo Ticket Office?

We want to provide a high level of customer service across the ferry system. To help meet that goal and aligned with the launch of an integrated ticketing system for all non-Clipper fares, we have chosen to close the the ticket office permanently on August 14, 2022. This will allow San Francisco Bay Ferry to staff a customer experience desk to quickly answer questions from passengers in addition to increasing the staffing levels at the ferry system’s busiest terminals, including Vallejo.

Will I still be able to load value to my Clipper at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal?

Yes, until the office's full closure on August 15, 2022. However after July 19, transactions related to reloading your Clipper card will only be able to be done using debit or credit inside the Vallejo Ticket Office. We strongly encourage passenger to add Clipper to your mobile device by downloading the Clipper App. 

What if something is wrong with my ferry ticket and I need to talk to someone about it?

On the new San Francisco Bay Ferry app, riders will be able to add, change, cancel or request a refund for ferry tickets. The Guest Assistance Representatives at terminals during peak times will also be on hand to answer any questions. Passengers can also ask crew members on board the ferry. Paper tickets can be purchased on all ferries beginning July 19.

Will I still be able to purchase Oracle Park or Warriors ferry tickets at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal?

No. Effective July 19, ferry riders can use the new San Francisco Bay Ferry app to purchase all ferry tickets including Giants and Warriors gameday ferry service tickets. 

Will I still be able to purchase a paper ticket at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal?

No. From July 19, the Vallejo Ticket Office will no longer sell paper ticket or process cash transactions of any kind. Passengers will be able to purchase paper tickets on board the ferry. Passengers will be able to use the new San Francisco Bay Ferry app for all ticket purchases, including gameday service direct to Oracle Park. 

After the ticket office closure, will brochures and other information about ferry service still be available at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal?

Yes, there will be a customer service cart with ferry rider information located at the ferry terminal area during peak periods and guest assistance representatives will be available to answer questions. 

Will information regarding Lost & Found stay the same?

No. Lost and Found pick-up will be moved to WETA's North Bay Operations and Maintenance facility on Mare Island. Passengers should call 707-643-3779 with any questions.

Will there still be in-person customer experience representatives if I have questions at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal?

Yes, we will be staffing the Vallejo  Ferry Terminal as well as other busy terminals during peak times with Guest Assistance Representatives who will be on hand to answer questions, help with tickets and manage queues. 

What if I have a general question about ferry service that I can't find on the San Francisco Bay Ferry website?

Guest Assistance Representatives will be on hand at busy times of the day at the Vallejo Terminal to answer questions and assist with queues. You will also be able to call staff at 707-643-3779.

Will this closure affect ferry service or the schedules in any way? 

No. These changes to the Vallejo Ticket Office will not impact the current Vallejo ferry schedule. 

Will I still be able to exchange my commuter checks at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal?

No. We encourage you to visit Bay Crossinsg in the Ferry Building at the Downtown S.F. Terminal as they will be able to assist with this request. 

After August 14 (last day of the Vallejo Ticket Office being open) where is the closest place to load my Clipper?

The Vallejo Transit Center is the closest alternate location for Clipper transactions to be completed (approximately two blocks from the ferry terminal).