Ferry Schedule Changes Now In Effect

San Francisco Bay Ferry implemented weekday schedule changes on five routes on October 17, 2022. These schedule changes include eight additional transbay trips, improving flexibility for passengers. This service enhancement is being accomplished without any increase in expenses for the ferry system thanks to improved efficiency from crews.

With the exception of the Richmond route, schedule enhancements and changes are in the off-peak periods (midday and late evenings). See the redline versions of the route schedules below or click here to see schedule changes for all routes. Scroll down for narrative descriptions of the changes.

There are no changes to the South San Francisco schedule. There are no changes to our weekend schedules.

Alameda Seaplane

Five new midday trips to enhance flexibility for passengers, plus some minor schedule adjustments in the midday and late evening.

Harbor Bay

Only minor midday changes.

Oakland & Alameda

Only minor changes in the late morning and late evening.


The westbound Richmond 7:00 AM departure is moving to 7:30 AM to better balance the schedule, and Richmond will see some additional minor schedule adjustments elsewhere during the peak commute period.

Richmond riders will also get a new westbound 2:00 PM trip to San Francisco to help bridge a midday gap and allow more use of weekday Richmond ferry service for shift workers and recreational riders.

South San Francisco

No changes.


Two new late evening trips and two minor off-peak schedule adjustments. Also, the northbound 6:00 PM departure will no longer continue to Mare Island.


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