Ferry Gate and Queue Changes in Downtown S.F.

Richmond ferry arrivals and departures have been assigned to Gate E at the Downtown San Francisco Ferry Terminal. Queuing changes will go into effect on Monday, March 9, affecting Alameda and Oakland passengers.

Here's a map with all of the queuing and gate changes that will take effect on Monday, March 9. Note that the Alameda and Oakland queue is returning to where it had been prior to the temporary pedestrian bridge closure in February.

Updated map for South Basin queues as of March 9

There are no changes being made to the Richmond or Harbor Bay queues. Passengers on all routes can feel free to use the pedestrian bridge to walk to or from the terminal when arriving to or leaving the area.

Please do not ride your bicycle, scooter or board on the promenade in front of the new ferry gates. This is a high-traffic area, especially in the morning and evening commute periods.

We ask that Alameda/Oakland passengers do not queue in the area between the waterside railing and the concrete berm once the queue reaches Embarcadero. This is due to the difficulty some passengers, including those in wheelchairs and with bicycles, have in joining a line that has formed inside the berm.


Guest Assistance Representatives will be available at the terminals to assist. Signs will be in place, as well -- look for the signs if you are confused.

Send any questions about the gate switch to customerservice@sanfranciscobayferry.com or call (415) 705-8291.