Fares Are Required Upon Boarding

Fare validation to speed up the disembarkation process at our ferry terminals has been changed. As of August 10, 2023 passengers are required to show proof of fare when boarding the ferry.

For Clipper users:
This doesn’t change anything: passengers tag on when boarding the ferry and tag off when exiting.

For SF Bay Ferry app users:
Passengers with mobile tickets from the San Francisco Bay Ferry app should activate their tickets when queued up and show it to the deckhand at the gate as you board.

For paper ticket holders:
If you have a paper ticket, hand it to the deckhand at the gate when boarding.

Passengers without tickets:
If you arrive at the terminal without a Clipper card or paper ticket and are unable to purchase a mobile ticket using the San Francisco Bay Ferry app, our deckhands will take your name and party size and hand you a ticket slip. After the ferry departs, you’ll visit the ticket counter onboard to purchase your tickets. We strongly recommend using Clipper or the San Francisco Bay Ferry app so that you can fully enjoy the ride and not have to wait in a second line to get a ticket.

Disembarkation for all passengers:
When the ferry arrives at its destination, passengers can disembark in an orderly fashion without any further ticket checks. Clipper users will still need to tag off to ensure they are charged the correct fare. (If you only tag on, Clipper assumes you’re riding our highest-fare route, which is currently Vallejo at $9.30.)

Passengers departing from Pier 41 will be sorted into lines based on whether they are disembarking at Downtown S.F. or the East Bay. 

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