Commuting to San Francisco from Richmond? Taking the family on a summer day trip? Get out of traffic and ride the ferry! San Francisco Bay Ferry runs weekday commute service between Richmond and Downtown S.F.

From August 3 through November 3, we will also offer weekend service between Richmond and San Francisco.

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Driving from Richmond to San Francisco on a weekday morning can take more than an hour. Getting back to the East Bay at quitting time is even worse as area freeways lock up. Parking in Downtown S.F. is a nightmare. It's all so expensive -- not just in terms of dollars spent on gas, tolls and parking, but on your well-being.

There's a better way.

Happy Commuters on San Francisco Bay Ferry

The ferry from Richmond to San Francisco is affordable, safe, clean, fast and -- best of all -- relaxing. Your commute doesn't have to be the worst part of your day. Not when the ferry is an option.

Don't take our word for it. Here are some direct quotes from Richmond ferry riders about their experience since we launched in early 2019.

"Quality of life upgrade!"

"I LOVE the ferry from Richmond to SF. It has completely changed my attitude toward commuting to my job in San Francisco."

"Taking the ferry has reduced my stress level more than I can tell you. I absolutely love it."

"I love the ferry, I feel like I can commute for another 20 years to work having this service."

"The ferry has been life changing!"

Here's how to ride the ferry:

That's it!

What are you waiting for? See you on board!

Fares & Tickets | Schedule | Terminal/Parking Info | Transit Connections

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