Take the Ferry to SFO

San Francisco Bay Ferry and San Francisco International Airport have teamed up to offer a new, convenient and comfortable way to get from the East Bay to SFO: take the ferry and a free shuttle bus!

SFO is providing free shuttle bus rides from the South San Francisco Ferry Terminal to the airport. The SFO Ferry Connector Bus will meet each weekday morning ferry arrival in South San Francisco and transport passengers to the International Terminal at SFO in less than a half-hour. (There are a few stops on the way for SFO employees, as well.) A short walk or the SFO AirTrain connects to all other Domestic terminals. There are luggage racks onboard all shuttles for those traveling with suitcases.

The shuttle bus will also take passengers on inbound flights from the International Terminal to meet afternoon and evening ferry departures back to Alameda and Oakland.

There is free daily parking at the Alameda Main Street Ferry Terminal and Oakland Ferry Terminal, but no overnight parking is permitted. We recommend passengers use AC Transit or get dropped off at the ferry terminals for outbound flights. Bicycles cannot be brought aboard the SFO Ferry Connector Bus, but there are secure BikeLink lockers at the South S.F. Ferry Terminal.


Here's the ferry and shuttle schedule. Note that there is no ferry service from South S.F. to the East Bay in the mornings or from the East Bay to South S.F. in the evenings. There is currently no ferry service for South S.F. in either direction on the weekends.

Weekday mornings to SFO

Ferry Shuttle
Depart Alameda Depart Oakland Arrive South SF Depart Ferry Terminal Arrive SFO Int'l Terminal

6:25 AM

6:40 AM

7:20 AM

7:25 AM

7:45 AM

7:30 AM

7:40 AM

8:20 AM

8:25 AM

8:45 AM

8:00 AM

8:10 AM

8:50 AM

9:00 AM

9:20 AM

Weekday afternoons/evening from SFO

Shuttle Ferry
Depart SFO Int'l Terminal Arrive Ferry Terminal Depart South SF Arrive Alameda Arrive Oakland

3:52 PM

4:13 PM

4:20 PM

5:10 PM*

4:55 PM

4:42 PM

5:10 PM

5:20 PM

5:55 PM

6:00 PM

6:32 PM

6:53 PM

7:00 PM

7:35 PM

7:50 PM


Ferry service between the East Bay and South San Francisco is $9.40 each way. If you use a Clipper card, your fare is only $8.10 each way. Seniors (65 or older), children (5-18 years old) and disabled passengers pay just $4.70 each way. Children under the age of five ride the ferry for free.

The shuttle bus ride between the ferry terminal and the airport is provided free of charge courtesy of SFO.

When you consider the cost of bridge tolls, parking and gas, the ferry and shuttle are the most affordable way to get from the East Bay to SFO. And it's definitely the most relaxing way to cross the Bay.

SFO Employees

Those who work at SFO can obtain additional information on other shuttle stops and pre-tax payroll deduction for transit expenses by contacting transit.credit@flysfo.com.

Questions? Comments?

For ferry-related questions or feedback, use our contact form or call (707) 643-3779. For SFO shuttle questions or feedback, please email transit.credit@flysfo.com and SFO representatives will return your messages.