Return Trip

Guaranteed Ride Home Programs

Ferry riders who experience a workday illness, family crisis or other unscheduled emergency may be eligible for a free ride home from work via taxi, rental car or other transit options provided by Guaranteed Ride Home programs offered by San Mateo and Alameda Counties to employees working in those counties. Learn when you can use it, how it works and how to enroll at these web sites: Guaranteed Ride Home Program
Alameda County Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal

AC Transit Bus Transfers: AC Transit transfer discounts are available for all customers using Clipper. Clipper provides: a $2.25 for Adults, a $1.10 discount for Youth, and a $1.10 discount for Senior/Disabled on AC Transit local buses when transferring from the Ferry; equivalent discounts are provided on ferry fares when transferring from AC Transit local buses. AC Transit transfer discounts are only available on Clipper. For bus schedules and routes visit

Harbor Bay Business Park Shuttle: The Harbor Bay Business Park Association operates a FREE shuttle Monday through Friday during peak commute periods. The shuttle connects the Harbor Bay ferry terminal, the Harbor Bay Business Park and BART. Click here for Shuttle map and schedule. For more information call ALTRANS Harbor Bay Business Park at: (408) 258-7267 or ALTRANS Operation (408) 505-5774.

Getting to the Terminal: Explore options for getting to the Harbor Bay terminal with "Four Fast Ways to the Ferry" (print-friendly PDF)

Connections runs shuttles between the South San Francisco Ferry Terminal and the Utah-Grand and Oyster Point area office buildings during commute hours M-F.  These shuttles are open to the public and free.  Genentech also provides local shuttle services for Oyster Point employees.  Additional information below.

South San Francisco/Oyster Point Shuttle Service
A Free Service to Oyster Point Area Employees

Shuttles meet arriving ferries and transport employees to locations throughout the Oyster Point Business Park, Sierra Point in Brisbane and the South San Francisco Caltrain station.

Visit for up-to-date shuttle information including schedules and maps:
South San Francisco-Oyster Point Ferry Shuttle
South San Francisco-Utah-Grand Area Ferry Shuttle


Genentech, Gateway and Sierra Point Employee Shuttle
This shuttle will meet arriving ferries and transport employees to/from Genentech, Gateway and Sierra Point locations. Contact Genentech or your Transportation Coordinator for details.