Ferry Schedule Changes Take Effect April 3

San Francisco Bay Ferry will make adjustments to its schedules effective Monday, April 3, 2023. Systemwide, the changes will add one additional trip on weekdays and three additional weekend trips.

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Here are the redlined schedule changes for each route. See below for narrative descriptions of the most notable changes. Note that there are no changes on the Pier 41 Short Hop or South San Francisco schedules.

Alameda Seaplane

A new 11:35 AM eastbound trip will replace the existing 11:25 AM, 11:50 AM and 12:20 PM trips. A new 9:05 PM eastbound trip will be added. There will be other minor timing changes, but no changes during peak commute times.

Harbor Bay

There will be minor schedule changes in the midday period.

Oakland & Alameda

On weekdays, there will be minor schedule changes in the late evening period. On weekends, the schedule will add three new departures in the early afternoon. There will be some additional minor schedule changes on weekends.

Pier 41 Short Hop

There are no changes.


On weekdays, there will be a new trip in each direction: eastbound at 11:20 AM and westbound at 12:00 PM. There are no weekend changes.

South San Francisco

There are no changes.


On weekdays there are a number of minor changes in off-peak periods or directions. The most notable changes:

  • Northbound 2:20 PM departure to Vallejo will move to 1:55 PM (2:55 PM arrival)
  • Northbound 3:35 PM departure to Vallejo will move to 3:40 PM (4:40 PM arrival)
  • Northbound 8:25 PM departure to Vallejo and Mare Island will move to 8:10 PM (9:10 PM Vallejo arrival, 9:20 PM Mare Island arrival)

Some low-ridership off-peak trips will have a scheduled transit time of 65-70 minutes so we can reduce fuel burn.

On weekends there are minor changes throughout the schedule.


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