San Francisco Bay Ferry Eases Social Distancing

Effective Wednesday, May 26, 2021, San Francisco Bay Ferry lowered social distancing requirements on board its vessels from six feet to three feet in accordance with guidance from public health officials. This allows significantly higher maximum capacity on board all ferries and reduce the risk of passengers being left behind. With this move, ferries will have a maximum capacity of roughly 50 percent the total number of seats onboard.

Tape will be removed from ferry seats this week. Passengers should find seats at least three feet away from passengers already seated. WETA, the agency that provides San Francisco Bay Ferry service, will continue to post seat availability charts on its website every week.

Masks remain required on board San Francisco Bay Ferry in accordance with federal rules requiring face coverings on public transit.

The federal rules provide exceptions for passengers under two years old and when passengers are eating, drinking or taking medication for brief periods of time, provided the mask is worn in between bites and sips. Learn more at

Enhanced cleaning remains in effect on the ferries. Restrooms with sinks and hand sanitizer dispensers are available on all vessels. The snack bar currently remains closed.

San Francisco Bay Ferry will significantly enhance service and temporarily lower fares on July 1. New schedules have been posted at

Thank you for riding San Francisco Bay Ferry, the best way to cross the Bay.