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North Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility Project


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The North Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility project will provide a base for WETA's Vallejo ferry fleet. The Project site is at Building 165 within the area of the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard, which was in operation from 1854 until closure of its primary facilities in 1996. The new facility will replace the existing maintenance facility currently located approximately one half mile north from the planned new facility on Mare Island Strait. The facility will include an administration office, maintenance shops, fueling, berthing space and passenger loading facilities. Passenger loading and unloading will occur on existing trips departing Mare Island en route to Downtown San Francisco. Construction of the facility landside and waterside phases as described below.

  • Landside Construction: Preliminary construction work consists of site preparation, demolition, hazardous materials abatement, and environmental clean-up required for the Building 165 site prior to implementation of the landside improvements. The landside improvements include a fueling facility with a truck drive aisle for fuel delivery, above-grade diesel fuel storage tanks, lube oil and urea storage tanks, pipelines for delivery of the various fluid products, and removal of wastes. Additional improvements include a new warehouse, reuse of Building 165A as storage building, and adaptive reuse of the historic Building 165 for shop and office space.
  • Waterside Construction: The waterside improvements include three new full-service berths (capable of accommodating maintenance and passenger service activities) and one maintenance-only berth for the ferry vessels in a configuration with two 124-foot long finger floats and a 200-foot long maintenance float. A second maintenance berth, adjacent to the quay wall, would be used in the event that a large land-based crane was necessary for a repair such as removing an engine. Basic services including fueling, potable water, shore power, sewage disposal, urea, bilge water, lube and waste oil, and compressed air will be provided at each of the three full-service berths.

In October 2011, the WETA Board of Directors approved the Ferry Service Operations Transfer Agreement between WETA and the City of Vallejo. This agreement included transfer of the Vallejo Ferry Service and the Maintenance Facility Project from the City to WETA.

Project Location

site plan

Project Overview

site plan

Landside Improvements

site plan

1: Abatement and rehabilitation of Building 165   2: Reuse of existing warehouse Building 165A
3: New warehouse   4: Above-ground fuel storage   5: Parking, site access and utilities

Waterside Improvements

site plan

1: Relocated service float   2: Relocated passenger float    3: New landing float   4: New finger floats 5: New maintenance float