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Alameda/Oakland and Harbor Bay Ferry Clipper Card FAQs

Alameda/Oakland and Harbor Bay Ferry Clipper Card FAQs

San Francisco Bay Ferry (SFBF) customers can use Clipper cards on the Alameda/Oakland/San Francisco, Alameda/Oakland/South San Francisco and Harbor Bay/San Francisco services.  Clipper, which is already available on the South San Francisco/East Bay route, is an all-in-one transit card that is accepted on participating bus, train, and ferry systems throughout the Bay Area.  Download the San Francisco Bay Ferry Clipper brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I use Clipper on the ferry or will paper tickets and ticket books still be accepted?

Clipper is a great fare payment option. However, single one-way tickets, 10-, 20-, and 40- ticket books, and monthly passes will continue to be accepted and sold onboard.  Individual one way tickets may also be purchased onboard or online through

What are the new discounted Clipper fares? How do they compare to existing paper ticket fares?

Adult One-Way Fare: The discounted Clipper Adult One-Way fare is $4.75 on the Alameda/Oakland route and $5.00 on the Harbor Bay service.  This is the same or similar to the respective discounts currently provided by the 20-ticket books on the two services.

All Other Fares: All otherClipper fares are equal to existing discounted fares. Thus the proposed Youth, Senior, Medical/Disabled, and Short Hop Clipper fares are equal to current cash fares for those categories.

Will the cost of paper tickets change?

Paper ticket fares will not change at this time.  However, beginning October 1, the 10-, 20-, and 40-ticket books sold on the Alameda/Oakland/San Francisco route will no longer include a MUNI transfer and MUNI transfers will no longer be available on the Harbor Bay/San Francisco service.

How will the MUNI/Ferry transfer policy change? Will SFBF continue to provide customers with free MUNI transfers?

Customers transferring between the ferry and MUNI must use a Clipper card to receive a discounted transfer.  Under the current arrangement between the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and SFBF, Alameda/Oakland and Harbor Bay patrons received a free MUNI round-trip transfer ticket valued at $4.00.  Under this arrangement, SFMTA absorbed 50% of the total value of the transfer discount ($2.00 per round-trip ticket) and SFBF reimbursed SFMTA the remainder of the discount ($2.00 per round-trip ticket). Effective October 1, the SFMTA will reduce its share of the total roundtrip transfer discount from $2.00 to $0.50 and will make the new discount available only to Adult patrons using Clipper.  The result of these actions will be to decrease the total transfer discount for Alameda/Oakland and Alameda Harbor Bay patrons transferring to and from MUNI to $1.00 per round-trip. Eligibility for the new transfer discounts will be limited to Adult customers using Clipper.

I have already purchased Alameda/Oakland route ticket books that include MUNI transfers. Are there transfers still valid?

Yes. SFTMA will continue to honor MUNI paper transfers through Sunday, November 4.  Beginning Monday, November, 5, paper MUNI transfers will no longer be valid and the Ferry/MUNI transfer discount will only be provided to Adult ferry patrons using Clipper.

Will free MUNI transfers still be handed out on the Harbor Bay service?

No. Beginning October 1, transfer discounts between MUNI and the SFBF will be limited to Adult passengers transferring using Clipper (see above).

How Do I Use Clipper on the ferry?

Using Clipper on the ferry is a simple two-step process.  First tag your Clipper card by holding it against the card reader at the ferry terminal prior to boarding.  Second, Tag off at your destination by holding your card to the card reader as you leave the ferry terminal. Crewmembers will be stationed at the Clipper readers to provide assistance if needed.

Where can I get information on obtaining Clipper cards, adding value, maintaining my Clipper account, replacing a lost card, etc.?

Clipper information is available:
By calling Clipper Direct at (877) 878-8883
In the “Clipper Card on the San Francisco Bay Ferry” brochure available onboard the ferry.

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